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Why Get Spectrum Internet and Phone Package?

Cable Bundle Deals offers you the most premium and affordable combo of Spectrum internet and phone service to ensure your communicational as well as online needs are met.

This bundle combines phone and internet bundles which allows you to reduce your phone bills with unlimited local and cheap long-distance calling for a low fixed monthly fee. With this Charter phone and internet service, your monthly phone bill remains constant, regardless of many local calls you make. With Spectrum internet and phone service bundle, you can make a call to any region in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US. Virgin Islands. Spectrum Voice also includes around 28 most popular voice features, for example, FREE 411, and an easy to use voicemail service.

Apart from that, with Spectrum internet you can enjoy speeds 100 Mbps+ speeds which is 20 times faster than DSL. Whether you want to stream full HD or 4K videos, enjoy multiplayer games, or upload and download large sized files, Spectrum internet and voice package will get the job done in style. You can use our Charter Internet service on any of your devices including desktop PCs, consoles, smartphones, and tablets. There are no data caps and you get truly unlimited internet access with us!

Unlimited calling
in the U.S., to Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and more
No Data Caps + FREE Modem
No Contract
.98/mo for 12 mos
All Local Channels plus
FOX News, C-SPAN, Food Network, Disney Channel, and more!
Up to 200 Mbps Internet
No Contract
.98/mo for 12 mos
All Local Channels plus
FOX News, C-SPAN, Food Network, Disney Channel, and more!
Up to 28 popular calling features
No Contract
.97/mo for 12 mos

More about Spectrum Internet and Phone Only Plans

Fastest and Most Reliable In-Home Internet and Wi-Fi

Spectrum phone and internet bundle brings you a fantastic internet service which has earned recognition for its amazing deals and economical rates. Spectrum internet service means you can connect multiple devices to the internet through high speed Wi-Fi and easily surf the web and stream any content you want to watch with blazing fast internet speed. We facilitate our customers with convenient and affordable Spectrum phone and internet packages.

Prevent Hackers, Spam, and Malicious Software with Spectrum Internet Phone Bundle

Charter phone and internet bundle provides big assistance to you through effective protection and security services which help in regulating and filtering all the online content you access. With Spectrum internet and voice bundle, you can easily secure up to 3 computers at a time. The security suite comes bundled in absolutely free of any charges with all the tiers of Spectrum internet saving you $60 right away.

Incredible Landline Service

Spectrum is one of the top landline service providers in the US. Spectrum voice service brings high quality call services at reasonable price. Besides pristine call quality, it also offers up to 28 popular features which you won’t find in any other landline service. This Charter internet phone bundle gives you caller ID on multiple screens, 3-way calling, and many other useful features. You can make unlimited local and international calls and get in touch with your loved ones.

Unlimited International Calls at Lowest Rates

With Spectrum internet and phone package, you can make unlimited long distance calls and enjoy talking to your family and friends. Apart from that, you get premium voice clarity across the USA, Mexico, Canada, the Virgin Islands, and many other regions. Charter Spectrum internet and phone services are recognized for economical pricing and 28 popular voice features which you can’t find in any other landline service in your area. With Spectrum internet and phone service, call your loved ones without having to worry about hidden taxes or charges.

Bring In Additional Content with Spectrum Double Play Silver Bundle

If you want the finest content selection that even beats our other packages, then you should check out our Spectrum Double Play Silver bundle. You get additional 50 channels but it’s not the quantity that you should be focused on but the quality. These 50 more channels include Cooking Channel, The Outdoor Network, Fox Business Network, Aspire TV, Nick Jr., CMT and BBC World News. If you are not impressed so far, then be aware that Double Play Silver also gets you Cinemax, Showtime, and HBO! It’s time to sign up for our awesome service, isn’t it?

  • Up to 200 Mbps internet
  • 175+ TV channels
  • Free HD, modem and TV app

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Spectrum Double Play Bundle Package at Best Prices

This Spectrum Double Play bundle includes high speed internet and Spectrum’s unparalleled phone service, which saves you a lot of money on your phone bill through unlimited regional and long-distance calling for a single low monthly fee. With Spectrum internet and phone only bundle, your bill remains the same every month, irrespective of the number of local calls you make. Call any place in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Charter Spectrum Special Offers for New Customers

Charter Spectrum internet plus phone bundle for new customers simply brings an unparalleled quality of voice service that is super convenient and highly affordable. Order Spectrum Double Play bundles online and you are not only getting the best of both phone and internet worlds but extra features, security, value for money and savings. All at a price that suits your budget! Do no hesitate to call us now and our customer reps would be happy to address your concerns.